Sell In-store


How does the exchange work?

  1. Gather your clean items in a bag/s & bring them into our West End store. We buy 7 days a week from our opening time, up until 1 hour before closing. 
  2. Our friendly buyer will give you an estimated wait time and sort through your bag. They will fill out your buy sheet with accepted items priced according to our guidelines.
  3. Our buyer will call out your name and talk through the accepted items with you. We offer 25% cash or 50% store credit of our store price for each item. Damaged vintage items will attract a lower fixed buy price. 
  4. If there are items we don't buy from you, don't stress! Our buyer will explain why items weren't accepted and make any suggestions to help. We buy seasonally, according to demand and never accept fast fashion. We can donate your unwanted items to our monthly charity op shop, or you can take them home!